The hardest part of parenting has been the desire to give my daughter everything she wants and make her happy while, at the same time knowing the reality that do so would ruing the beautiful person that she is.

My kid can sulk with the best of them
My kid can sulk with the best of them

Thinking back to the social etiquette panel and more widely about bullying, there is this: Parental awareness that your kid can be a real jerk is very important. I’m glad that I know my kid can be mean and do wrong because it means I can stop it.

She’s been demanding and rude and mean to me already. She’s hit me. She’s done things that have made me angry and hurt. She’s made me cry through her actions and I didn’t do anything to hide that.

When I get teary and sad because I’m upset with her she understands the situation. She can’t hide from it. She knows how her own actions affected me and I can ask her how she would feel.

There are two things I am determined for my daughter to possess as she grows up: empathy and critical thinking skills.

Lord knows she has augmented my empathy.


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