On a train heading out of Toronto, back towards home after quite the weekend at the Delta Meadowvale with some truly awesome people. Blissdom Canada consisted of three days of activity, sessions, meeting friends, awesomeness…

There were parties Friday and Saturday but we only stayed at the Friday night one for a bit – I really wanted to get back to the hotel room, get under the covers and start thinking about everything that was filling my head from the day.

I didn’t entirely know what to expect going in to the weekend. I get nervous in big crowds, trying to recognize all the wonderful people I talk to online so I could have real, fact to face conversations.

It’s really hard to say what my favourite part of the weekend was, I was laughing and crying so much. Drew Dudley’s closing keynote is definitely a high, and I’m going to try hard to remember all the things he talked about – leadership and filling your bucket, thanking the people who may not realize what a difference they made in your life, and “what’s my dollar and who’s my Larry.”

I’m really hoping someone recorded it so I can watch the whole thing again.

Walking through the UNICEF suite was a powerful experience I’m going to have write about separately. Getting to meet Glenford Canning and thank him for his demonstration of strength was a blessing. The Social Etiquette panel was awkward at times. There were four guests on stage and I would have loved to have heard more from two of them and the other two could have been completely eliminated as far as I’m concerned. Also Glennon from Momastery kept cracking jokes, trying to lighten a mood that I didn’t think should be lighter.

I wish I had chosen a couple of my sessions differently. The Blog to Book session was not quite what I wanted it to be, and I the Media Kit micro-session was good, but probably not something I’m going to put to use right now or within a year.

The mild disappointments were totally made up for by the other totally amazing sessions. I have ideas that I need to keep writing down, I’ve got drafts building up on my blog, I’ve got a one-page business plan thanks to MomBiz.com and I had a weekend full of interesting, engaging, thoughtful conversations and dancing.

I’m also taking home a few great things from sponsors – a teddy for the daughter I’ve been missing from Sleep Country, some lentils that I will use to make great soup from Canadian Lentils, a Christmas surprise for the kid from Hallmark. Also got her a dress at the Handmade Marketplace.

And an overall sense that I’m going to get things accomplished before I go back to Blissdom next year.

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