Today at Blissdom Canada we got to hear a keynote from Kirstine Stewart, the head of Twitter Canada. She had a lot of interesting things to say about how people use Twitter and the evolution of it, but one thing stuck out from her talk and it was the answer to a question.

Someone asked how she responds to people who don’t see Twitter as a useful tool and she said that 40 per cent of Twitter users just read, they don’t converse. She recommends that people watch Twitter and figure out how it could be useful to them – who to follow, what’s being talked about, how they fit into the community.

This brought me back to my time at a full-time office job when I was watching as Twitter became more and more important in politics and news and I had to convince my bosses that we needed to be paying attention.

It wasn’t enough to tell them who was already there, I had to demonstrate what kind of conversations were going on. I started paying attention and sending around the relevant posts and eventually the higher-ups figured out that this was a conversation we should be a part of.

The best part? As Stewart mentioned in her talk, you can follow hashtags and reach your audience at the times when they are paying close attention. Twitter can be a really useful tool for anyone trying to get a specific message to specific types of people.

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