She was playing and then there was wailing. Just like that a milestone, something for the baby book: her first bloody knee.

She’s gotten minor scrapes before, but this was more blood than she’s even seen escaping from her own body and she was unhappy about that.

I reminded her of the book we had read that talked about the bleeding being a way to clean out the wound so it could heal faster.

I offered to show her the scars on my own knees. I survived many scrapes and scabs.

I asked her if she wanted to go home right away to get it clean up and feeling better, but as soon as she realized that meant that she had to stop playing with her school friends she said no.

In fact, as soon as she realized she could be playing instead of crying, she was off.


As if nothing had happened.

Until we got home and she had to do show and tell of the scrape with Grandma – then she became the most pathetic child ever.

At home I drew her a bath and made the mistake of telling her in advance the cut might sting when she got in. This resulted in total refusal to sit down.

Still, she let me clean off her knee and apply some goop all for the promise of two Phineas and Ferb band aids.

Once we had informed Daddy of the events of the day she pretty much forgot about it. Still, I feel like there should be a spot in the baby book for this first.

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