When I got the invitation to join the folks at the Museum of Nature for the launch of the new exhibit on frogs I was very excited because, well, frogs.

Frogs are cute, they’re cool, they do many a fascinating thing without being gross.

When I told the kid we were going to see frogs she was excited too.

The new exhibit Frogs: A Chorus of Colours opens officially today and after we’d toured around the kid told me it was fun and the best day we’ve had together.

We were welcomed to the launch, got to hear from the zookeeper running the exhibit, Leslie Thompson, who then fed a few of the 18 species on display – which the kid thought was pretty awesome. All of the frogs look different and it is presented with lots of information about their species. It was also pretty easy to spot the frogs in each habitat.

Watching a feeding – live crickets because these particular frogs don’t see things that aren’t moving


The frogs range from tiny to the 1 kg African Bullfrog, who the kid says is her favourite.

She was also a big fan of the mini putt set up – the obstacles are predators that feed on frogs.



The also have pictures of species of frogs you find in Canada on the floor, and when you step in the middle you hear the sound that frog makes.

Also the literature that they handed out answered a life-long question: What’s the difference between a frog and a toad? Toads are frogs.

Chinese Gliding Frog

The frogs will be on display until May 11, 2014, and since it’s something that we both enjoyed I have to recommend a visit highly.

Except that all day I’ve had Lady Gaga’s song Applause stuck in my head with the word ‘applause’ replaced by ‘frogs.’

Disclosure: As part of the invitation to the launch, I was able to see the full frogs exhibit without paying admission to the museum or the special exhibit. 

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