The kid is 3 and she’s tired a lot of the time. This is a bad mix that leads to a lot of cranky.

It leads to back-talking and fighting and yelling and grump.

And that leads to me wondering after a few days of frustration whether I’ve run out of time.

I surprised myself by being a good mother and after a rough week and a tough weekend I wonder if I’ve run out of whatever magic I had.

Realistically I know it’s just a transition. She’s mentally and physically exhausted when she gets home from school, she doesn’t get to do what she wants when she wants like she used to – like swimming. Every day she asks to go swimming, but we have this schedule and other things to get done. Not only that but she has a lot of things that we’ve told her are coming up that she has to wait for, which I know must be excruciating to a child.

She has good times too. We cooperate, we play, we read together.

Park time
Park time

Meanwhile I hear nothing but good things from the teachers and the parents at school. Every parent does duty time in the class and I’ve been getting compliments. She’s even making friends. She’s more and more willing to go to school without hanging off me and being dragged away. Yesterday when I told her she had school the next day she even smiled instead of telling me she wouldn’t go.


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