I keep a lot of lists. It’s something that I learned at a summer job years ago – keeping a notebook with my upcoming tasks and check boxes beside keeps me on track. I’ve tried to keep these lists going with colleagues and at home with my husband, but it’s been hard to find a way to have it all make sense to everyone.

I first read about Trello on The Next Web‘s blog. It was listed as one way to improve productivity. Since my husband had told me that my usual email lists get lost in the shuffle, and Trello allows you to share boards between people I signed up.

I’ve only started using the basics of Trello, creating cards with titles for different things we need to have on our radar. I create my checklists a week at a time, to do lists for both of us, and I have a separate board for things, like Christmas gifts, that I want to keep for myself. I love being able to add comments to things so that we both get updated.

Trello is something I will definitely share with clients if they need to be kept up to date on the status of various parts of a project and can make comments on the things they want changed. Added to Google Docs or Dropbox it’s a wonderful things for a virtual office.

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