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All’s well…

September 21st, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife

Kid has been enjoying school, if not the drop offs. She’s made a couple of friends, one that she talks about all the time. She made a friend at her gymnastics class too and participated without Daddy by her side this week. Things are looking up.


Why I am having such a hard time?

The thing is I have work and I used to work in the mornings when the kid was happy enough to join me in my office and play. Now I feel guilty for doing that in the morning because she’s gone all afternoon.

Except I drop her at 1 pm and pick her up at 3:30 and with travel time I have maybe 2 hours to get things done while she’s at school, whether that be trying to get work done, going to the gym, cooking and cleaning the house. Two hours is not a long time, at least it doesn’t feel like it is when I’m watching the clock, making sure I don’t get too involved in something I’m working on just in case I leave late.

It’s a lack of time and focus and it’s driving me nuts.

Add to that the kid being tired from her half day of physical and mental activity and being a grump from the time I get her home and it’s pretty crazy around here.

I tell myself that this week was an anomaly because I had things on my schedule that aren’t always there, but looking over the next month I always have things that aren’t usually there.

It’s this constant feeling that I thought I got ahead of things but I was wrong.

At least the dog is happy.

We've been going for long walks

We’ve been going for long walks

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