Most of my life I have been the top size in “regular” stores. There was a brief period of time in high school when I was a size 10/12 (what was I doing that made that difference? I went from little to no physical activity to walking home every day, which turns out to be the recommended daily 30 minutes)…

…but usually I’m a 14 or a 16. Right now I’m an 18, which irks me because it severely limits my options when I need pants.

Pants are hard for me, I have a smaller waist and big hips and fat thighs. I like my waist and my hips, I like my shape, and I like that I can carry my daughter on my great big hips – birthing hips, I think some would say – but they make a great fitting pant something that’s almost impossible to find.

(But seriously, finding that curve between my hips and my waist is one of my favourite things about taking some weight off).

Shirts are not a problem, I fit into an XL on top in most stores – with gaping at the bust if there are buttons.

It can be a problem finding underwear and right now I’m really struggling to find a good belt.

When Target opened in Ottawa I was excited to see what kind of plus size items they stock – figuring that as an American chain they would have some options.

They don’t.

While my Gap size 18 jeans are falling down on me I could get the Target size 18s done up. I know that there are size differences from store to store (do not get me started on vanity sizing), but I’m an 18 at the Gap (where they sell an 18), I’m an 16/18 at Peningtons and Addition-Elle, I’m anywhere from a L to an XXL at Old Navy and in Joe Fresh.

Why is Target suddenly trying to tell me that I’m a 20 or a 22?

Moreover, why are they telling me that I’m a size or two larger and then not providing me with any clothing options in their stores?

My intention is that for Christmas I will be asking for gift cards to clothing stores so that I can buy the new clothes I will need after dropping some weight. Will I shop for clothes at Target? If their sizing is skewed enough to make a more vulnerable woman feel bad about her body I might have to decide against it.


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