Sunday, they tell me, was Grandparents Day. This is a day I should have been prepared for, given that my mother lives with us and is a constant presence in my daughter’s life. She’s also been a very, very big help a lot of days when I get surprise work in the mornings, or we’ve had a rough night of sleep, or, or, or…

It’s certainly not easy all the time, I think we would all say that, but is it more good than bad? Absolutely.

Having someone around who can see when I’ve had just enough of whatever the kid is throwing at me? Priceless.

My mother will take the kid somewhere when I have work to do, she’s given us the opportunity for date nights, she’s much better at play than I am.

On days like today when I can’t do anything right, the kid is asking constant questions and demanding snacks which she then fails to eat, when she tells me she’s bored but won’t accept any suggestions as to what might be fun…

These are the days when I say thank god for Grandma.


I have someone in the that will hear me and understand (and take a minute to reming me that I put her through the same) and will offer her own suggestions or let me leave the house to run an errand while trying to occupy said uncooperative and unmotivated child.

I don’t have to have all my buttons pushed and count down the moments until Daddy gets home, I can knock on a door and say ‘please help me.’

Considering my mother lived in Saskatchewan when the kid was born, and in fact was here for just one day after the birth to meet her granddaughter, I didn’t know if my family would get to know her as well as I would have liked. Her living with us brought her back to Ottawa, along with my grandfather and introduced my daughter to something truly great.

(Also thankful for Joe’s parents, who the kid calls First Grandma and First Grandpa, though we’ve never been able to figure out exactly why. They will be visiting twice in the coming months and the kid is very, very excited).

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