I may have become addicted to ancestry.ca.

Joe and I have been watching Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC and we both have family members who have traced back our family trees – my grandfather and his father. In fact, fairly early in meeting each other they discussed this and figured out that two of our relatives had worked for the same factory in Ontario.

Knowing a bit about my past has always been pretty cool to me, and passing this history along to my kid seems like a pretty great thing too.

Watching the show I grew interested in what I might be able to find out there, and so I signed up and started looking. And that’s why I didn’t get very much sleep last night.

Thanks to my grandfather I can easily go back to my great-great-grandparents, though information gets a little hazy on my father’s side. Adding all this information to my online tree I got the little pop-ups telling me I potentially had more information and I followed the line trying to find the right people.

You see, my family is somewhat complicated. I mentioned already, my father was older than the average dad of a kid my age, more than a decade older than my mother. I have half-siblings and an aunt who was several years older than my father, leaving me with first cousins my mothers age.

On the one hand I found my beloved grandfather’s parent’s marriage certificate which will be quite something to show him. On the other hand I get to find out more about my father’s father, who died almost 20 years before I was born.

This man was born in 1885, he served in both World Wars, and I find a copy of his signature on an oath he took when he signed up.

How awesome is that?

My family intertwines with Joe’s and the tree gets bigger and bigger as I find out more about all the siblings my ancestors had. (Families used to be huge, eh?)

My father told me that my daughter shares a name with his aunt, but I’ve found three others who share her moniker already. I now know when different parts of my family arrived in Canada – before it was Canada, and I know which parts of Scotland, Ireland and England I come from. I also know that my Saskatchewan family started out in Simcoe, Ontario and that my connection to Almonte, Ontario goes back two generations further than I thought.

It would be helpful if everyone in my family wasn’t named after another ancestor, but still…

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