The kid has developed an interest in space. I’m not sure where it came from, but I’m fully supportive. An interest in math and science is something I’m pushing for. I liked math, until I hated geometry and trig, and I still have a great interest in science, but upon receiving my grades in Grade 11 Chemistry and Biology, figured out that I don’t have the right kind of memory for the periodic table or the parts of a plant.

My kid? She has a great memory and a wonderful passion for things.

I first found out about this interest when we went to the library and she picked out a book on space – one of those quick kid’s first reference books. She flipped through it a few times, and we looked at the pages together. She still likes pointing out earth when she sees the planets, and she knows Mars is the red one.

She painted this picture of space soon after we brought that book home:



I have great hope for this kid and her imagination and curiosity and this burgeoning interest in space and other things that are larger than ourselves.


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