I am fascinated by the things my kid thinks out loud sometimes. Truly. It’s really awesome watching her mind work. She’s very logical sometimes, and very funny a lot of the time, and sometimes she’s just weird.

And sometimes she says things that catch in my throat because I don’t know if she understands what she’s really just said.

In the car on the way to a day camp: “The sun always shines on me.”

She was being literal, I think. When we’re driving that direction every morning the sun does indeed shine on her, through her car window. As her mother though, I do believe the sun always shines on her in a grander sense.

She’s lovely and delightful and smart and complicated. She’s got a great road ahead of her, wonderful opportunities that she can capture.

“The sun always shines on me.”

Yes little girl, and I truly hope it always will.

Keep reaching, little girl
Keep reaching, little girl


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