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August 29th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife

This kid has always had a problem with sleeping, she doesn’t like to go to sleep and fights every way possible. I’m not good at going to sleep either, so I understand somewhat. I hate thinking of what I might be missing out on, and I think she’s realizing more that we’re up after she goes to bed doing things, going places.

We’ve had all kinds of advice, tried different ways of doing things, we’ve had routines that worked for a while and then blew up in our faces.

Tonight she just wasn’t slowing down so I brought her into bed with me, made the room dark and I rubbed her back and her head because that’s helped relax her and get her to sleep in the past.

She was kicking her legs and when I told her to stop she started shaking her arms. It’s as though she was actually vibrating with energy to burn.

I’ve talked to her about why she needs sleep, we’ve read books, talked about what sleep is for. This afternoon she even said she was tired and would take a nap.

But she doesn’t nap. She hasn’t napped regularly since she was 1, she used to nap in the car so we could take her for a drive if she needed some sleep, but that doesn’t work any more.

When I told our doctor at our 12 month appointment that she’d stopped napping she told me that the kid should be falling asleep in her lunch. I didn’t know what to say, because clearly she wasn’t.

I know we’re just back from vacation, all summer she’s been off schedule, we’ve been sharing beds while we’ve been away which makes it harder for her to adjust back. I know I’ve been letting things go and choosing the easy route more often lately. We’re both so tired that no is that much worse.

I just want her to be happy and healthy and relaxed.

Finally asleep after 40 minutes in the car

Finally asleep after 40 minutes in the car


She’ll be starting preschool soon, she’ll have a regular schedule and activities, she’ll be interacting with other people and her brain will be working all day. Maybe that will be the change she needs. I don’t know any more.

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