We got home from our trip, I unpacked, organized, threw in a laundry. I had a bath, put on my pyjamas and lay down in bed. The window was open and a nice, cool breeze was blowing in. A cool breeze that told me something wonderful: Fall is coming.

I love the fall, it’s my favourite time of year. Fall is one of the best, most beautiful times to be in Ottawa.

I love cool evenings, cozy sweaters and gorgeous colours in nature.

I was always one of those kids who loved going back to school. I loved shopping for the new clothes and supplies. I loved the changing season and the newness of it all.

This fall brings new changes. The kid starts real preschool, four afternoons a week, I’m taking on more work and more professional development with the time I have. It’s the beginning. Next year she’ll be in full day kindergarten. Our days of doing what we feel like are over. My days of choosing whether to leave the house or not based on the weather are over.

I’ll have to schedule our trip to the apple orchard around her school, and picking out a Halloween pumpkin…

The future has arrived and we have a big kid.

I didn’t realize when I became a mother that having kids means you never get comfortable. When she was a baby people warned me that just when you think you’ve got them in a routine they’ll change it up on you. I didn’t think ahead to realize that will be true forever. Her interests and activities will be changing forever, her schedule, her body and brain.


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