I have gone through the stages and finally come to acceptance. After three years of encouragement I now understand: I have a child who does not like crayons.

It’s been hard for me. I loved crayons when I was a kid. I had my own little green toolbox that was full of them. I used to take the time to clean it out, get rid of the less than stellar or broken crayons, the bits of paper.

I loved to draw and scribble, pretending to write. I loved the wide array of colours, the patterns you could make. That thing you could do where you cover a drawing in black and then scratch it off to get the colours underneath.

I loved crayons.

I just assumed that I would have a child that would love crayons too. That we would hang out on the floor together making great crayon drawings, especially when she started showing a great interest in arts and crafts. She loves to paint, she loves to glue things and cut things, she’s very creative.

She does not do a lot of sitting and drawing. She doesn’t particularly like colouring books.

And she prefers markers to crayons. She likes making big messes, which crayons aren’t very good at.


It’s been hard. I’ve been in denial, saving a huge box of crayons, extra little boxes in the office and my bed side table.

This morning I decided to move on. I packed up her big box of crayons along with other craft supplies we don’t need any more and offered them up for free to any neighbour willing to come and get them.

We’re moving on.

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