When the kid was a baby we had occasional naked time. Nowadays she often chooses to be naked, running around the house. The other day she tried to run right out the front door.



“Because you’re naked.”

“I’m naked?! Aaaaah!”

(That last part was her doing a take off from a Gerald and Piggie book).

These days when I tell her that she has to get dressed to play in the backyard or because we have a visitor coming she asks why and I’m not sure where to start.

I want to avoid that whole ‘naked is something to be embarrassed about’ thing, because it’s not. It’s also not something she can flaunt all the time. She can’t show off her underwear anywhere any time.

I have no idea how to approach the conversation. Moreover I don’t want to.

Having that conversation feels like closing up her world a little bit, taking away some of her innocence.

Realistically I know that the difference between private and public is important, that this conversation is the beginning of making her safe and secure in herself and from bad things in the world.

I felt so good about her learning the proper terms from a young age, now here we are at the next step.

Any and all advice is welcome.

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