Last week while we were on our trip the kid declared “Daddy, you don’t look like you.”

She explained that because Daddy was wearing a Hawaiian shirt that had flowers on it, he didn’t look like himself because boys don’t wear flowers.

Yesterday I was a bit happier when she told me something was a boy toy and I asked a few questions and got a better definition: Girl toys are toys she likes to play with. Things she doesn’t like to play with are boy toys.

Of course this only seemed like progress until I realized this means boy=bad.

I have yielded somewhat from my gender rants. My little girl loves pink and purple but also says she likes all the colours when asked what her favourite is. I’ve stopped buying t-shirts because she never wears them, it’s dresses every day.

When she declared a few months ago that ‘boys like Spider-Man and girls like unicorns’ we reminded her about her Auntie, who she adores, who is obsessed with Spider-Man and reads comics regularly. Also her friend – the little girl she often declares to be her best friend – who reads comics and loves Spider-Man and The Hulk.

Some days she tells Daddy she doesn’t want his help getting dressed because she wants a girl to help – but at the same time she’ll run naked out the door if I don’t stop her and tell her that’s not appropriate. (Post on that coming).

I don’t know where the ideas come from or what to do about them except combat them each as they come up.


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