This was a picture that Joe took of me with the kid on the beach at the family reunion. The kid wanted some quiet time so the three of us stepped away from the crowd.

The first time I saw the picture was when I downloaded all the pictures I had taken that day from the camera.

Honest to god the first thought in my head when I saw this shot: “That’s not me, she looks like a mom.”

Three and a half years into this gig and I still feel brand new. In my head I’m still a teenager, 16 or maybe 18, figuring out my life.

Realistically I’m aware that I’m a mom – a good one, if I do say so myself – and there’s this little person that I grew and gave birth to and love in big and unbelievable ways. But this woman in this picture? She looks like a grown up.

I’m not a grown up.

I spend time wondering if people around us even think I’m her mother because I can’t believe I look like I know what I’m doing, but here’s this picture.

That’s a mom.

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