The kid went to a week-long day camp a couple of weeks ago. It was some of her favourite things all thrown in to one morning – swimming, crafts, songs and play time. It gave me some time to get some work done and she got to play with other kids, which I am learning is very important for her.

One day as I was heading to drop her off a little voice came from the backseat.

“I’m long and skinny.”

Caught me totally off guard.

It’s true, she is very tall and thin to the point that the doctor is monitoring her weight. She seems to do fine with eating, but she’s also moving around ALL THE TIME. She rarely stops fidgeting or playing or bouncing or running.


I’m fat. I have been fat or felt fat and unfit most of my life, but I know that the word skinny comes with a lot of weight (no pun intended) too.

I don’t know where she heard the word. I don’t know what’s come attached to it. Envy or judgment.

The fact is she’s beautiful, her body is a great machine that, right now, does everything she asks of it. She needs to learn proper ways to fuel herself, she needs to figure out this whole sleeping thing because she fights it will all her might at the moment and it affects her.

I hope so much that feeling good and feeling bad are her focus. That she learns it now instead of trying to figure it out later. I hope that when someone else tells her she’s skinny it, again, doesn’t occur to her that there’s any judgment behind the comment.

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