So years and years ago I made a bucket list. I’m not sure why I opted to do such a thing, but I started at 100 and listed things that I wanted to do at some point in my life. I have yet to fill out all 100, but I add things occasionally when I think of them, and I’ve been crossing things off too.

Get married, be a mom, own a house – check, check, check-ish.

When Joe proposed he wanted to take something off my list and incorporate it into the proposal. That’s why he made us a reservation at the Chateau Laurier to stay for a night. There he proposed, somewhere on the second floor. He told me there was one more item he had considered…

I have always wanted to ride on a motorcycle. I didn’t want to drive one, I think I would feel a bit out of control, but I wanted to ride on one.

When one of Joe’s uncles showed up at the family reunion on Sunday with his bike, Joe and I both had the same thought, but Joe actually asked.

Ready to ride
Ready to ride

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