When I was in Grade 4 I memorized the spelling of archaeologist.

I did this because we had to do some sort of report on what we wanted to do when we grew up and archaeology was it for me at that point in my life. I wanted to go to Egypt and discover great things about civilizations past.

I was fascinated with mummies and I wanted to see it all.

Last week when Joe and I went to a wedding in Toronto we ended up at the hotel with at least an hour to go until our room was ready.

And the Royal Ontario Museum across the street.

Seemed like a pretty good place to kill time to me.

We walked around looking at stuffed animals and skeletons – a dodo skeleton! Seriously!

And then we walked through another room and there was an old set of armour, an outfit that appeared to be from Mongolia, and then I stopped.

A case with a sarcophagus, a death mask and a mummified cat, as well as some hieroglyphs.

I stopped and I stared and then I got a bit teary.

There was this thing in front of me that I’d been wanting to see for so much of my life.

It was a day of heightened emotion – that night we saw a good friend marry a wonderful woman, and weddings always remind me of my life and what I possess – and that small memory is just an addition to it all.

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