Since I became a mother I have found that I get very excited about other people having babies. It’s this huge and wonderful change in your life when you bring a child into your home and heart – and you change other people’s lives too. Babies are the promise of something great.

I am also a Canadian monarchist. Queen Elizabeth is our Head of State, she signed our constitution, each province has its own Crown. There is a tradition about it, and the pomp and circumstance that I dearly love about our institutions.

It also happens that I was raised by a mother who is a royal fan. I have often heard the story about the night I was sick with whooping cough and kept my mother up all night, but that allowed her to watch Charles and Diana’s wedding. Every year we watch the Queen’s Christmas message, and when the royals come to the capital region we try to get out and see them – in fact we took the kid to see Queen Elizabeth on the Hill on her first Canada Day.

I was the night owl of the family and woke my mother up when the news come on that Diana had been in a car accident, and then that she had died. I remember watching the funeral. I watched William and Kate’s wedding too. (The wedding was also a day of relief from the 2011 election campaign).

These people, their future is linked to the future of my country, for better or worse, and so I’m interested.

And there’s something so lovely about watching people gather to celebrate the arrival of a new person. This little human being has a lot of advantages, and a lot of responsibility imposed on him.

Also, I’m tickled thinking of the Queen being so excited about her new great-grandbaby, waiting by the phone.

I watched Twitter all day waiting for the news to come, I was thrilled that everyone was healthy, that they’d taken a few hours to themselves as a family before sharing the news, that there was this baby boy, full of promise, to be named later.

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