It’s hard being a couple while being parents. When I was working it was damn near impossible. They say you’re supposed to have date nights and take care of your marriage, but when you’re working hard at everything else it’s just too much to add on.

We had no family in town except my sister, and we didn’t want to impose on her by asking for babysitting too often.

As I struggled with defining myself as a mother, with my job, trying to balance we seemed to lose a little bit of us.

Since my mother came to live with us, and is willing to allow us time with each other – leaving the house after bedtime for a walk or a movie or whatever – it’s getting better.

Time really does matter.

Last weekend we attended a wedding. An overnight trip to Toronto, just the two of us, and a beautiful wedding between two people we care about.

Every time we attend a wedding I think about our own. Perhaps even more this weekend because the groom participated in our wedding.

Dance 2

We knew very early in our relationship that it was something to hold onto. I think we both believe that the other person is too good for us. I even tried to convince Joe not to marry me after we got engaged.

Going to a wedding reminds me of all the things we mean to each other, and all the things we promised each other, and that as angry as I can get at him, and as fierce as we sometimes get with each other, I would be totally destroyed if I didn’t have Joe to turn to.

Going to a wedding reminds me what we are to each other, for better or for worse.

I am the Bert to your Ernie, the Ernie to your Bert.

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