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Dear Jack

July 18th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Issues | Personal


It’s your birthday. Our second without you.

I think of you often. More lately with all the crap that’s going on here.

We were talking about you on Facebook, some of us. Your next generation. Your staff who are having kids and passing on your dreams and values.

I said there what I’ve said before, I have never been so moved as when I heard you talking about your granddaughter, about the same age as my little girl.

Two years is so unbelievable. Life was so very different.

Sometimes the emotion just all hits again.

I am so thankful for having been part of that team for four years. You picked great people and those people picked me. They changed my life. I learned so much, so many new skilled, built up confidence and earned trust.

I mourn for the ‘could have been.’

A little over a year ago I picked myself and my family over that team and that cause. I miss them both. I worry that I’m not paying enough attention any more, that I’m not being part of the change. I worry that I’m letting you down.

But I look at that little girl and I know that I am her example and I am her teacher and she will be a good person who will strive for equality and fairness. She we know that we are proud Canadians and Canadians take care of each other.

Years from now when she’s discussing Canadian politics and Canadian history she will have a picture to take to class and show her teacher – a picture of her as a baby with you and Olivia, two of the strongest people I ever knew.

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