So I’ve been trying to do a lot of different activities with the kid, filling our summer with awesome, taking lots of pictures, having experiences.

We’ve done a lot of great things so far this summer, and there’s still lots left, but days like today make me rethink the whole thing.

Today we had talked about going to the pool and the library but when I woke up I saw it was a not raining as I had thought it was supposed to. Last week we went swimming at an outdoor pool and the kid asked to do that again, but after I saw a tweet from the city go by I had another idea.

“Do you want to go to the beach?”


So, breakfast at one of our favourite places and then the beach.

Beachy keen
Beachy keen

We were there for about two hours and the kid spent most of that time in the water. She loved it. She was running in and out, giggling.


It was pretty great and I was feeling good about the decision, and then I told her she had 10 more minutes. That was fine. Five more minutes, fine.

When I told her it was time to go she said she didn’t want to and started swimming away. Not okay, and not a safe thing to do.

I had to pull her kicking and screaming out of the water, and when I got us back to our towels she tried to run back in. So my mother got to carry all our bags to the car while I carried the red-in-the-face screaming preschooler.

This happened last week too, at the mall. Despite my telling her all morning that I was going to look for a dress for a wedding and I wasn’t buying her anything I had to carry her out.

In the moment it makes me regret doing nice things for her. It makes me want to not leave the house with her or plan things for her, because no matter how good the day has been so far one thing seems to be able to turn her completely around.

I got her to the car, I got her into her carseat, I got into my seat and I was sweaty and shaking and pissed.

Now to regroup.

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