This morning I was reading this article about a study done by UK researchers. The study showed a worldwide trend of women being less engaged and knowledgeable about news and politics than men.

Sadly, I was not entirely surprised to hear this. News and politics being two of my passions, I know I’m a minority. Many women are too busy, or too affected by news – or are struggling enough in their own lives without worrying about the bigger scale of things.

(We have to remember the number of women living under the poverty line, single mothers struggling to raise children who don’t have the luxury of reading the paper or watching Question Period).

My goal with this site is to engage with women, either telling them what’s happening or hearing from them when they feel passionate about an issue. It’s a lot of work to keep up with the news, and I’ve been struggling myself since I’ve been working from home, raising my daughter, and the site hasn’t had the attention it deserves.

This story and this research spurs me on. It is important, and it is hard and anything I can do to make it easier for a woman to be engaged, that’s what I’m going to do.

I also want to read the actual study to understand the findings better.

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