I had the chance to register for a workshop put on by Ladies Learning Code last weekend. It was a workshop on HTML and CSS coding. These are things that I have wished I knew for a while but never took the time to teach myself.

The workshop was a full day, held at Shopify (which is a really cool office, by the way). We started with HTML and spent the afternoon on CSS, building a simple little ‘About Me’ site, changing colours, font styles, space.

By the end of the day I felt like coding was not as hard as I had expected it to be, and like I wanted to continue to play with it and see what I could do. In fact I started a new file when I got home.

The format of the workshop was fantastic, one person leading and mentors at each table to help us when things didn’t quite make sense. Now I have another skill and the nothing that workshop lead Tiffany Tse passed on – you learn by breaking things and going back in to fix them.

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