We’ve got a lot going on this summer. Joe and I just got back from our trip and soon I will be making lists and packing for our family reunion trip, and then at the end of the summer the kid and I are going to PEI with her Grandma and Auntie, leaving Joe and the dog to fend for themselves.

On top of that I have my Summer of Awesome list, inspired by Lynn – Things I want to do for fun this summer, experiences I want to have.

Last night I go very excited about things we could do this weekend with Canada Day coming up, and tonight I had another idea for a quick day trip we could take that would be a great experience. I think of something, I get excited I want everyone else to be as excited as I am, I’m impetuous.

And it just dawned on me why I’m so excited about this summer, and why I keep having ideas.

In September my baby girl starts preschool, half days, four days a week. From September on she will be in school, first half days and then full time forever. This is the end of an era – her and me, together, playing and experiencing.

I’m in full on “MY BABY!” panic mode.


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