I recently did some work entering and analyzing survey data for a client, and the way I approached it was to seek out a survey website and build an electronic version of the survey that my client’s client had sent out as a hard copy.

My first attempt was to use Survey Monkey, because it’s a site that I’ve heard of and I’ve known people who have used it. It’s fairly straightforward to build a survey, but with their free version you can only include 10 questions. Since the survey I was working with had 11 questions plus demographic data, that wasn’t going to work for me.

My second attempt was FluidSurvey, and while some of the descriptions for types of questions were not self-explanatory, I did some trial and error work and got the survey set up in a functional way.

Both the survey sites I looked at offered a free service, with fees added to get additional services, such as the ability to download your compiled data.

Surveys can be a great tool to help businesses focus, but they have to be well thought out and written clearly. Putting a good survey up on one of these sites can help find out more about your audience and how they view your brand and get quick access to all the data.

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