I love this country, and I love celebrating this country on July 1. This year Canada Day happens to fall on a Monday and I’m looking at the forecast for the weekend ahead and thinking we can have three full days of great activities.

With that idea, I glanced at my 2013 Summer of Awesome list and got a few ideas right away: the RCMP sunset ceremony, strawberry picking, visiting the farmers’ market – all things that we can do this weekend to celebrate our country, our region, our farmers and local businesses.

And then on the day we will go to our local Canada Day celebration which the kid loved last year, and we’ll visit my father for a barbecue.

I’m so excited for all this activity. It’s my favourite holiday of the year (though Christmas is great because it brings the World Junior Hockey Championships with it).

I’m additionally excited because I managed to make the kid her very own Canada Day dress:

Maple leaved
Maple leaved

She’s a Canuck kid – she was even excited to hear that the winter Olympics are on again next year and she’ll be able to watch curling.

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