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Lala Land

June 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife

I knew that the kid would play with dolls. I had dolls – many, many dolls – that I loved dearly. Cabbage Patch Dolls were my babies, Jem dolls were my fantasy life.

She’s had Cabbage Patch Dolls, two Disney babies who she loves dearly, and a Doc McStuffins doll that was show and tell one week.

One of the big hits was the Lalaloopsy that her cousin chose especially for her for Christmas. On her birthday I added another Lalaloopsy (her name is Specs Reads-a-lot and she wears glasses. Acceptance of glasses is going to be important for our little girl). Since then we’ve been adding lots of mini-Lalaloopsies.

When I first saw the Lalaloopsys, with their button eyed blank stare I thought, like anyone who read or saw Coraline “Wow, creepy.”

The kid became interested in them when she saw them in a magazine. I acquiesced, but since we welcomed them into our home I’m becoming more attached to them.

She loves them, she imagines stories for them. They are little girls – there are a few boy characters but not many – but they don’t look human in the least. They have big heads and mitten hands and back-stories. There is nothing in the Lalaloopsy to live up to or compare yourself to, they are just playthings.

Loopsy coaster

Loopsy coaster

Each one of them has a passion – cooking, art, putting on shows, sleeping – but they are all friends. They are also all different colours. There skin ranges from light to dark with in-betweens, their hair is yellow, orange, pink and blue. There is no judgment, they are all just different.

Of course, every part of Lalaloopsy-land, including their new TV show on Treehouse, is built to sell more of their products, but that’s to be expected with most kids’ toys from what I’ve seen. I will happily play with my kid and her growing collection of button-eyed dolls and their weird back-stories, strange names and cute little pets.

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