I have been reading through some of the stories on the Everyday Sexism website (Canada is here). These are stories of girls and woman who have been exposed to those men that exist in the world who feel they have a right to a woman’s body.

These men (not all men) who feel that women are there for them and should appreciate any and all attention they are given – staring, groping, assault.

There are men that don’t act like this, but still may not understand the fear that women feel a lot of the time, never knowing how a man will react to her if she says the wrong thing or looks at him a certain way. And if he does something to her – says something, touches her, gropes her – not knowing what to do or say for fear that things get worse.

There are also men and women who think that women who face these situations are somehow at fault – they put themselves there. After all no woman has ever been raped while appropriately dressed and sober by a person she trusted, right?

Another example of the difference being a woman day-to-day is here, point three. A man can say something like this and not get any particular response, but a woman just reiterates what he said and gets threatened and verbally assaulted.

I have been lucky so far in my life, no situations immediately come to mind when I look at the Everyday Sexism stories, but I still have life left to live, and now I have a daughter that needs protecting to. How do I maintain her happy, carefree attitude while also warning her of dangers? How to I help her trust the right people, who may not be the right people after all.

(You can follow Everyday Sexism on Twitter to see what women around the world are experiencing every day).

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