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A Leg Up

June 14th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting | Personal

I remember taking our puppy Henry for his first ever walk. It was cold and he was very small and not amused, I think I ended up carrying him back.

He was tiny when we brought him home. He weighed 2.8 lbs. It was ridiculous.

That sweater fits on my hand

That sweater fits on my hand

I remember how he grew a little bit and a little bit. Finally one day I had him out for his walk and he lifted his leg to pee. At first he got so excited about this new, instinctive ability that he almost tipped himself over a few times.

I was very excited for him too, of course, it was a milestone.

Happy puppy

Happy puppy

In 2010 Henry had an episode. It was a fibrocartilaginous ¬†embolism. Yeah. It’s funny because this happens in giant breeds and miniature schnauzers.

The vet told us that basically a piece of bone had broken off somewhere and paralyzed his back legs. At first he couldn’t use them at all, but gradually he got back to almost normal. Some days are better than others, some days he has a noticeable limp. His left back leg is always a little bit behind the right one.

What makes me sad is that he still tries to lift his leg while we’re out for walks, and once again he almost tips over, but for a completely different reason.

It’s like his little manhood has been taken away.

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