I don’t know why I feel like the kid’s 3-and-a-half birthday is something special and important, but I do.

Maybe it’s because I know that I remember things from when I was 3.5. Maybe it’s because this summer is going to be great and she starts almost full-time school in the fall. Maybe it’s because she’s doing so much more on her own than she ever has before.

Maybe this moment right now feels like a big moment because she’s got so much ahead of her.

She’s learning so much, and she wants to learn more. She wants to learn to read by the time she’s 4. She’s in swimming lessons and getting better and more confident every week. She’s happy playing by herself and she’s making friends in all her classes.

She’s grown another half inch over the past couple of months and her height just about matches her age.

Less than a month ago she needed help to get across
Less than a month ago she needed help to get across

Maybe at three-and-a-half it’s just that much more obvious that she’s growing up and that time flies by.

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