I’m sitting here watching the Tony Awards, as I do every year, and this year they had a performance of Phantom of the Opera. Phantom was my first show. I was totally entranced. I’ve been very lucky to see many musicals since. I use to dream of being on Broadway – a voice like that, being able to dance and act like that. Magical.

I would sing along in my room. I was Christine, I was Eponine, Evita. I wanted to play Tommy.

I am endlessly fascinated by these Broadway stars – Idina Menzel, Audra Mcdonald, Sutton Foster – these women who dance and sing and act and do it all with such great passion.

The other day I was in my office doing some work and watching a documentary called Every Little Step. It tells the story of A Chorus Line while simultaneously telling the story of casting A Chorus Line. While I was watching the kid came in and asked me what they were doing, I told her they were dancing, she said ‘what kind of dancing?’

‘Broadway dancing.’

‘What’s that?’

I told her a bit about musicals, that someday I would take her to a show – and I will.

And in the back of my head a spark lit up. My daughter loves to dance, she loves to sing and she’s very dramatic, loves playing pretend.

If my daughter falls in love with Broadway, she has everything it takes to pursue that.

If my daughter ends up on Broadway I will cry and cry.

She’s 3. I’m crazy. But I’m dreaming.

Gotta Dance
Gotta Dance



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