After missing last year’s Social Capital Conference I was thrilled to be able to get out this year. I attended four sessions during the day, plus two roundtables and the two keynotes and I left feeling great, but with a lot to think about.

I live-tweeted the sessions I attended, partly for the benefit of others who were in different sessions (and whose tweets from same I will be reading) but also because it allows me to go back later and remember the thoughts that struck me.

Through all the presentations recurring ideas struck me: Whether you are working for a client or your client is you, you need to engage with your audience and be honest – including about what you don’t know – and you need to understand what your goals are before you can reach them.

Being self-aware was something that seemed to be repeated in a few sessions – know when you’re being stupid, don’t under-sell yourself, act like a human being.

It was only one day long (since I didn’t attend the workshops) but Social Capital left me feeling revived, filled with thoughts I need to process and things I want to try with my work and my content.

Links from #SoCapOtt

Gini Dietrich (opening keynote speaker)

Danny Brown (closing keynote)

Social Capital Conference 

Shannon Smith on Microdata 


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