I was very fortunate to grow up in a real neighbourhood. I walked to school with friends, we biked around freely, and there was usually something to do.

My house growing up was within a few minutes from the school playground, a great park, a public swimming pool, a public skating rink.

Brewer Park will always be in my memory – three play areas, two fields, a splash pad, and you could usually find someone to play with. We used to race each other to the  swing set, and veterans of the park knew that if you aimed one of the sprinklers just right the water would go down the slide.

I spent hours upon hours of my childhood there, from the earliest days to those days when I might have been just a little too old to play.

That park, the pool and the rink were the centre of my life for years.

When I became a parent, getting outside was an important part of every day – fresh air, change of scenery – and getting out to the park where there are other kids for mine to interact with and other grown-ups for me to talk to is a highlight.


Every child should have that centre – A place where they remember learning to ride their bike and scraping their knee, spinning around on a tire swing until they felt sick, the day they were strong enough to cross the monkey bars, taking picnics of whatever they could grab from the kitchen.

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