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What I am

May 30th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

Sesame Street has a video that I love, with singing a song called What I Am.

I love the song, I love its message.

This morning I woke up early. I’ve had a cold the past few days and my cough woke me. When I decided I wasn’t going to get any more sleep I grabbed my iPad and started reading Twitter. Amanda Palmer had posted a link to a speech she gave recently and I decided to read through it since I enjoyed her Ted Talk so much (here if you haven’t seen it).

In the speech she’s talking about being an artist and connecting the dots, as she says, but the part that stuck with me is when she talks about asking her followers a question – ‘What makes you feel like an actual writer?’

And my head immediately answered: I just am. I always have been. I feel it in the deepest parts of me. I am a writer.

I just am.

There’s no taking my writing away from me, whether I’m posting to different blogs, or keeping a journal filled with ideas, working as a journalist or writing my NaNoWriMo novel.

I remember the feeling of my poetry being published in the high school literary magazine, my first byline in college, my first paycheque for writing (which I still have a copy of along with the article in a frame). I have been paid for writing over the years, still occasionally am, but it doesn’t matter.

I have copies of stories I wrote when I first learned to write, copies of short stories from high school, files upon files of things that I have written.

What makes me feel like a writer? It’s what I am.

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