There are lots of things I didn’t think about when I became a parent – things that didn’t occur to me and things that I guess I thought just come naturally.

It never occurred to me that when potty training a child you also have to teach them to wipe, as an example.

There is an ice cream truck that comes around our neighbourhood in the summer. He drives around, right after the school buses drop off their charges, with tinkly music blaring.

It was 30 degrees the other day, humid and sunny, and the kid was full of energy. I took her to the park to try and wear her out at least a little, and there was the ice cream truck, just down the block. I asked her if she wanted to ride her trike through the part to the ice cream truck and that was a no-brainer.



I got her a vanilla cone and we walked back to the park where she could sit on the bench and eat, and then I saw the work ahead of me. When she tried to hand the cone to me so she could go play and come back for more later I knew we really needed to talk.

There’s no understanding of spinning the cone, preventing drips, and then she just hauled off and bit the bottom off the cone before the ice cream was done on top. (!)

I told her that this summer we’re going to need to get some practice in so she learns the right way to eat ice cream.

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