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May 27th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife

The kid got mad at me today, which is certainly not unprecedented, but it was a new kind of mad. She was mad at me, and yelling at me, and also running away from me.

When she’s at home and slamming her door it’s okay (except for the whole respect and temper thing, I mean). When we’re walking along the street and she’s running away from there’s a whole new level of anger and panic and fear.

I said stop and she would, but only to turn around and yell at me, “NO! I’m never stopping!”

She was mad because she wanted to turn back at the halfway point of our walk to get her trike because she had changed her mind and wanted to pedal.

So it was me, the dog who pulls, and a very angry preschooler on a walk I was regretting more and more.


She ran into the first crossing we came to. I was totally shocked. It was a delivery lane and there was no traffic but she knows the rules and how to stay safe and she just blew that all away because she was angry.

I caught up with her and stopped her at the second crossing, but when she started running towards the busy intersection of a major street I had no idea if she would just run right out into traffic. Everything in me told me she’s smart, she knows.

And a very real part of me screamed at my legs to go faster and stop her.

If she had gotten hurt because she was mad at me I would never forgive myself.

I grabbed her and sat with her on the corner holding her tight. She cried – still mad.

I cried.

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