This kid, she just keeps growing. She says she wants to be a baby again, but then she goes and does the most big kid things.

She had her first solo swimming lesson. We’ve been swimming since she was tiny. She’s always been a lover of water. People warned us about giving her that first bath – babies scream bloody murder they said – but she loved it. She’s never stopped. She loves her baths and she loves to swim.

I didn’t know, though, if she would go with the teacher and jump right in the pool or if she would hang on my leg and refuse. I expected the latter.

She was just full of surprises today. Not only did she say hi to both of the boys who were also waiting for her class to start and ask them their names, she told her teacher her name and walked right off with him. She even told him she had already had a shower when he took them over before they got in the pool.

When she hopped in and he handed out some toys to get them started tears came to my eyes. There she was being grown up. It’s happened so fast.

She laughed through her entire lesson. She danced to the aquafit music when it wasn’t her turn. She followed instructions. He even got her floating on her back in the water, which she has always hated.

She was swimming.

She got angry when the lesson ended. She wasn’t done swimming.

I used to take pictures of her every day to send to the grandparents. Now every day she’s so busy and it’s hard to keep up with her, let alone slow her down long enough to get a clear shot.

She told me again today that she wants to be a baby again, but I think that’s becoming less and less true.


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