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This much is true

May 15th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting | Personal

Going through my Google Reader (not letting go until they make me), I landed on this post which asked a question that struck me: What do you know for sure?

Before getting any further into the post, the answer jumped right into my head.

What do I know for sure? That I love my daughter with my whole heart and I believe she can do anything. Any dream she has I will encourage her to pursue. I want her to be passionate about something.

That is what I know.

Carrying on with the post, I realize that this is supposed to be about ME. What do I know for sure about me? What have I known since childhood? What has always been consistent?

I am a writer. I have been a writer in many different formats, for just me and for an audience. I have a drive to be creative that has pushed me in different directions but has always been there. I know for sure that I have a special relationship with words, that my brain creates stories.

Now at 32 I have two passions – I love words and I love my child. These are the things that I will never be separated from.

These are the things that fill my heart. That is the beauty in the world.


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