When I was 16 Buffy the Vampire Slayer started its seven year run. I was a fan immediately. I related to the teenage drama, I loved the monster aspects and I love the characters and the friendships between them. The writing was smart and funny. Buffy, Willow and the two Lorelai Gilmores were the strong women of my adolescence.

I watched some but not all of Angel, later I saw Serenity and watched Firefly, then Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. I am a full on Whedonite.

Since I was a teenager I have become obsessed with many things, but the works of Joss Whedon remain. Recently I started watching Doctor Who after being told many, many times that I should. It didn’t take long to work my way from the start of the 2005 relaunch to the current season (even after starting over to make my husband watch).

I read Harry Potter (multiple times), I’ve watched Battlestar Gallactica. I am a geek and not afraid to admit it.

There was a ComicCon in Ottawa last year that I didn’t go to, but when Nicholas Brendon was announced as a guest I was leaning toward getting a ticket. When James Marsters was announced I bought my ticket. When Nathan Fillion was announced I was very, very glad I had.

The con was this past weekend and it was pretty great. I wasn’t sure what to expect and at first I was totally overwhelmed by the shear number of people, but it got better.

A couple of Doctor Who shirts, a picture with Nathan Fillion (who played Caleb, the terrifying priest, on Buffy and the Captain on Firefly and is as big a geek as any of us), a Q&A with Nick Brendon (who played Xander, who was always awesome) on Saturday and then sessions with Nathan Fillion – who decided to just go ahead and bring Jewel Staite – one of my Firefly favourites – and James Marsters, who answered questions about Buffy and Torchwood, a Doctor Who spinoff that is also pretty great.

I loved hearing from these actors, I loved looking around at all the people who dressed up in costumes ranging from some effort to all out.

But the unexpected thing about ComicCon: It was kind of awesome being with a large group of people who geek out over the same things I geek out over. Not just being in a room full of Nathan Fillion fans laughing along with him, but being in the line waiting to get in to see Nathan Fillion and talking to people about Doctor Who, seeing Harry Potter people in the room, hearing people ask James Marsters questions about Buffy, Angel and Torchwood.

It was also really great to watch these actors talk about how much they loved those roles. Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite both got teary talking about working on Firefly and working together. They both talked abut the great writing and so did Nicholas Brendon. James Marsters actually said the writers are the thing he misses most from his work on Buffy.

It was a whole weekend of fun and funny and validation.

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