This week we had a play date schedule at a park where I used to play as a kid. We had one bigger park where we mainly spent our time and then this smaller one that was close to my best friend’s house.


We didn’t play there often, but in the summer there was a small pool and I took tennis lessons there once for a few weeks. I didn’t remember much about the structures, but as soon as we walked down the path I remembered the park.

Sitting there, with my daughter playing in the sand, I looked around and remembered.

I remember when I used to bike everywhere. My sister and I would disappear for an entire day just biking around our neighbourhood and seeing friends. We would take picnics that included cold Pop Tarts and hide in the trees, bike along the canal. We were always outdoors and usually being active.

Even in high school I used to walk. Just give me a good mixed tape and my Walkman and I would be happy. Lose myself. (And my sister was the master of mixed tapes, let me tell you).

I love my iPhone with all my music loaded together for whatever I feel like listening to, but I miss the beauty of a mixed tape, playing it over and over again. (Go back even further and I miss making our own tapes by trying to catch our favourite songs on the radio – Energy 1200). It’s so easy now, to just go and buy that one song instead of the album you may or may not like.

(But really, what might you be missing out on, discovering an album you didn’t know you would love – kids these days).

I knew it would be strange for me, being in this place where I spent time with friends I now know only on Facebook, in my old neighbourhood where everything happened from the time I was born until I was 13 and ready for high school. I didn’t know that a little quiet time on a bench, with the breeze blowing would be just nice.

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