My city just announced that Paul McCartney will be playing a concert here in July.

I have been a Beatles fan for a couple of decades now, since my mother gifted me with the movie Help! for one of my birthdays. I bought myself A Hard Days Night soon after and then started buying all the albums. I read books about them, watched shows about them, learned about them. When I was in college we had one class where the objective was just to write and I submitted a paper about the ‘Paul is Dead‘ conspiracy.

I still remember a lot of the ‘clues.’ (Seriously, read up on it, it’s kind of fascinating).

It pains me somewhat that I never got to live in a world that had all four Beatles. John Lennon was shot dead three months before I was born. And then George Harrison died and we were left with Paul and Ringo.

Ask me to name my favourite Beatle and Paul would place fourth. Ringo was my favourite when I was younger – he’s the funny one – and as I got older I wished to be the artist that John was. George was just quietly excellent.

Paul, as far as I’m concerned, is the ego that caused the break-up. Keeping in mind that these were four men who probably just needed to get away from each other after so many years, and that this break up happened about 12 years before I was born.

Meanwhile I’ve been reading Moranthology, Caitlin Moran’s collection of columns, and coincidently read her interview with Sir Paul this week. She surprised herself by crying when introduced to his bass.

The fact is that he may be my least favourite Beatle, but he’s still a Beatle. He’s the man who wrote Yesterday and Hey Jude, Got to Get You Into My Life – one of my favourite songs to belt out – And I Love Her, Eleanor Rigby… It just goes on and on. He’s not my favourite but there’s no saying the guy isn’t great.

In Moran’s interview, Sir Paul tells her that he still plays his classics because if he were a fan and went to see Paul McCartney in concert and didn’t hear his favourites he would be pissed. That’s an attitude I can appreciate. Also, he was my mother’s favourite.

(I highly recommend Moranthology and Moran’s other book How To Be A Woman).



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