Before the kid was born I bought several prints to hang in her room with different sayings on them, including one that says ‘You are so loved.’ These are the things that I want her to know and remember.

When she was born I was overwhelmed by the love I felt for this child – I still am sometimes – and it was difficult allowing other people to hold her and cuddle her. She was my baby and I just wanted to stare at her.

Soon I realized how wonderful it is to watch her with other people, to see other people who love her too, to know that other people realize what a wonderful little person this is.

Every Friday the kid goes to daycare and every Friday she fights about it and then has fun and doesn’t want to leave. This morning she told me that she doesn’t love her daycare provider, she loves me.

There is no reason for my daughter to have as much trouble opening herself up to people as I do or telling people that she loves them.

You can love me and her too, I told her, so many people love you and it makes me very happy to see it.

I want her surrounded by love, with all different people giving her all different reasons to feel good about herself. I want there to be a village telling her she’s smart and beautiful and strong and funny so that she might never question that she is all of those things.

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