We bought a new car last weekend and we picked it up last night. While we were going over the paperwork the kid got bored, which was not unexpected. We told her that she could look at the cars in the showroom – something I used to love doing when I was a kid and we would go to the Hyundai dealership with my grandparents.

I love to drive. I had a shaky start, but since I learned I have loved to drive. There is nothing better than driving with your music playing and the window down with the sun on your face. I have driven a lot, from Ottawa to Alberta and back, from Fort Frances, Ontario to Ottawa. When I lived in Belleville I drove from there to Toronto, Peterborough, Barrie and Welland. I love this country and there is no greater way to see it – unless you go by train, which is a dream of mine.

Joe and I share the driving duties, though I admit I often let him drive when we’re all together. When my grandfather was helping me learn to drive he actually noted that it always seems like the man drives when a couple is out together and I guaranteed that I wouldn’t let it be that way.

Still, the kid sees me drive a lot, and my mother drives her, and Joe’s mother is often the driver when they visit, so I was taken aback when I opened the driver’s side door of the showroom car and she said to me “No, I want to sit in the woman’s seat” pointed to the passenger side.

I have no idea where she came up with that, and it upset me more than it probably should have. She’s three, she’s figuring out the world, it’s an easy correction – ‘passenger seat, love.’

Still, she’s been declaring all sorts of things to be for boys or for girls – Girls like unicorns and boys like Spider-Man, even though she’s knows her Auntie loves Spider-Man.

Every time this comes up we explain that anyone can like anything they like, being a girl or a boy has nothing to do with it.

Times like this I feel like I’m failing on the whole gendered thing, but then two of her female dolls get married and become two moms for her other doll and I feel pretty okay.

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