I read about Steubenville and I got so very, very angry. I read about Rehtaeh Parsons and got very, very angry.

I’ve heard the denials of the existence of rape culture and continued getting angrier and angrier.

Today I was sick. I was dizzy all day, and nauseous and I spent the day in bed trying not to move and sleeping off and on. When I went downstairs to check on the family in the late afternoon I heard for the first time about explosions at the Boston marathon.

Since then I have been reading Twitter and watching the news and trying to keep up with the horrible situation.

It used to be my job to sit watching the news, keeping up with the details, but it’s something I’ve always done and will always do.

When I heard that some of the parents from Newtown were in attendance and that part of the race was dedicated to the victims of that horrible day I will never, ever be able to forget, my heart broke all over again. These parents, they will spend the rest of their lives reliving that day and now this.

I can’t imagine trying to continue carrying on.

And I’m so mad.

I can’t just be angry anymore. This anger has to direct itself and I have to figure out where.

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