The world lies. All my life people have told me about the terrible twos. I waited for two, I got through 2.

Two was a freaking piece of cake compared to 3.

Three is more energetic, more dramatic. She’s bouncing off the walls.

She only looks innocent
She only looks innocent


She doesn’t want to eat what we want her to eat when we want her to eat. She doesn’t want to sleep. Period. She doesn’t like leaving the house. She doesn’t like being around other kids and she’ll cry when you try to take her somewhere – until she’s been there for a while and then she cries when you try to make her  leave.

This week Joe was away and every day was hard. Bedtime took hours, she woke up in the night asking for snacks. One day I had to fight her into clothes to get out of the house. One day she ate maybe two bites of her dinner and then not ten minutes later – before the spaghetti was even cold – she said she was hungry. Spaghetti being that thing that she’s always asking for.

All my life people told me that there were the terrible twos and it would be the hardest time.

This past week has made me want to track those people down and demand answers.

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